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Searching in Google, the good way

Posted by Narendra Dhami on September 2, 2009

There are huge set of techniques by which searching in Google can be done more accurately, and here is a list of them that I frequently use.

1. Whenever we search for more than one keyword (i.e. computer programming, here we use 2 key word. a) computer b) programming) at a time Google will handle this keyword using a method called Boolean Default. Google’s Boolean default is AND; that means if we enter query words without modifiers, Google will search for all of them. If we search for:

computer programming

Google will search for all the words. If we want to specify that either word is acceptable, we can put an OR between each item:

computer OR programming

If we want to exclude a query item from search results, use a -.(minus sign or dash:

computer -programming

Note that there is no space after the (-) sign.
2. To search for a phrase use “” surrounding the phrase. like:

“Some Interesting Google Search Technique”

3. Period (.) and Asterisk (*) can also be used as traditionally used.
4. To search anything from a specific site use site:site_name.


This will search for the term google only in the specified site. Note that there is no space after the (:) sign.
5. To restrict search to title of web pages we can use intitle:search_keyword


6. Use inurl:search_keyword to restrict search to the URLs of web pages.


7. To search in body text use intext:search_keyword


8. Searches for text in a page’s link anchors

inanchor:”google desktop”

9. To search for a specific filetype use filetype:desired_file_type

bangladesh filetype:pdf

10. To search a copy of the page that Google indexed even if that site/page is no longer available at its original URL or has since changed its content completely. This is particularly useful for site/pages that change often.

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4 Responses to “Searching in Google, the good way”

  1. NNdrovec said

    ЖЫРный сервайс. Только есть подозрение, что он в будущем станет платным 🙂

  2. Makakas said

    Классный сервис! Спасибо! Бум пользоваться

  3. Mironir said

    Да не так уж и мало тех, кто хочет узнать пр освою прошлую жизнь. Другой вопрос: готовы ли они заплатить за это 🙂

  4. MaRarts said

    Приветствую админов этого, как оказалось, превосходного блога. Для начала хочу сказать спс за существование такой приятной атмосферы на портале, а уж затем отдельная благодарность за пост! Очень хорошая статья, жизненая так сказать Нынешний мир – это сложная целостная динамичекская, как ваш блог, система и правильное и целосное понимание этой системы невозможно без таких вот статей, еще раз спс. Однозначно в закладки вас!

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