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Setting up MySQL Asynchronous Replication for High Availability

Posted by Narendra Dhami on August 7, 2009

MySQL replication is often positioned as a solution to provide extra throughput for your database (especially when dealing with high numbers of read operations). What tends to be overlooked is how it can be used to provide high availability (HA) – no matter how much redundancy you have at a local level, your system remains at risk from a single catastrophic failure – loss of power, earthquake, terrorist attack etc. By using MySQL asynchronous replication to maintain a geographically remote copy of that data, service can be maintained through any single site failure.

As this replication is asynchronous, there are no low latency demands on the network and so the two sites can be thousands of miles apart while utilising low-cost connections.

This article provides a simple example of how to set up asynchronous replication between 2 MySQL databases in order to provide a Highly Available solution. First of all, it will be 2 databases where the tables will be stored in the MyISAM storage engine and then between 2 MySQL Cluster databases where I also configure it for Multi-master replication where changes can be made at either site. More …


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