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Loads of Essential PHP Tools & Resources For Web Developers

Posted by Narendra Dhami on August 7, 2009

PHP is one of the most popular development languages for building dynamic web applications today. PHP offers many advantages; it is fast, stable, secure, easy to use and open source (free) but it was created by Zend and some critics complain about PHP being influenced by commercial interests and that PHP could be much better if the commercial offerings from Zend where part of the basic PHP platform. In the area of performance and advanced caching this may be true but it seams like open source PHP community gets around the possible shortcomings quite well. Some of the most influential and popular open source CMS/Publishing platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal all rely on PHP and many others do to. Being familiar with PHP and having a good toolbox for working effectively with PHP is essential for most Web Developers because you will run into some PHP code at some point in your career – I guarantee you that!

In this article I have compiled an extensive list of tools and resources that any php developer should be aware of and which will make their life easier. More …


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