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300+ PHP Presentations Online

Posted by Narendra Dhami on August 28, 2008

Posted In: Best List, PHP, Webmaster by
Scott Spear

Presentation System
hosts over three hundred presentations, covering
a slew of different topics including performance, testing, debugging,
XML, and security. The presentations are from speakers at a variety of
conferences. You will see (and hear if interested) presentations from
speakers like Derick Rethans, Tobias Schlitt, Rasmus Lerdorf and many
many more. These presentations have been at conferences all around the
world and contain a great deal of information. Most presentations are
between 25 and 40 slides. You will have to sift through some information
in the presentations because some build on each other.

The presentations are best viewed in
Firefox and are not available for use with IE. If you try to use IE you
will get a pretty funny error code; “IE is not supported – please use
Firefox, Safari, Konqueror or just about anything else” (view this presentation
in IE). There are presentations dated as far back as 2002 and as recent
as August 2008. Take a look around and see what’s there.

My Top 10 Presentations

  1. Input
  2. Webservices
    with PHP
  3. XML
    and PHP
  4. Myth
  5. PHP
    Best Practices
  6. Web
    2.0 and PHP 5
  7. XSS
  8. Help,
    I Found a Bug in my Code
  9. Hack
  10. Designing
    Good Databases

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