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Posted by Narendra Dhami on July 24, 2008

Here are some useful links for you:
1. XML Notes

    Refer to my XML notes which are based on my experiences with the use of 3 differenet parsers, namely, Apache’s Xerces parser, Sun’s JAXP and Mind Electric’s Electric XML parser. Here you will learn what an XML document is, how is it used in practice, and important tips to get you started fast with the use of my favourite Xerces parser. The notes include good codes and references to some other worth-reading materials on XML.

2. CVS Notes
    You are new to configuration management? Then here is some notes of mine which will help you get started with the use of CVS (both using command line interface and WinCVS for Windows platform). It also has some good material which delves into the theories related to CVS, how it replaced RCS, its benefits and what features it offers. Check this out!

3. Chat Software
    Its very usual for someone new to network, or lets say, distributed programming to want to write a program which is useful and at the same time a fun way to learn. One such program is a chat software which is easy to code, covers most of the fundas of distributed computing and is very impressive when it starts to work. I have developed two chat programs, one using raw socket programming and another using CORBA technology. If you want to see the source and want to have a hands on with it then feel free to download the CORBA version.

4. Use Cases
    The use cases are part of UML which are used at the time of requirements analysis in the software process. They help you describe your systems requirements in a pictorial and/or step-wise manner. Each requirement is broken into a series of steps, clearly identifying the actors which interact with the system for that use case and the flow in which the use case progresses. Often you find that a use case has a common all-goes-well case, and many alternatives that may include things going wrong and also alternative ways
that things go well. Read to find out all there is in the use of Use Cases to describe your system requirements.

Swing Notes

    Here i have captured the details almost always not required by a general Swing programmer but definitely this knowledge will help you define for yourself an edge over your peers. So, read to learn better what
you already might be thinking you know/understand well. This document is a work-in-progress!

J2EE Notes

    A descriptive notes on J2EE technology. This page is a work-in-progress. A real big one this will be…keep visiting!

Telecom Notes

    Its a work-in-progress. I promise to make it availablesoon.

8. Using Log4J
    Its a work-in-progress. It will be made available soon.

9. CORBA Notes
    Some good tips for beginners of CORBA. This document is a work-in-progress! Not properly formatted at present as it was written in a training class using vi editor and i am still to put it in proper shape. Its the same notes which you get with the above corba version of chat software.


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